Sunday, March 2, 2008


Full call on Monday at 7.

We will be taking measurement for costumes and the women will be trying on pieces borrowed from Rhodes.

Once all the measuring etc. has been accomplished I'll turn everybody loose but Louise, Theo, and Gertrude.

We're still without a Versati, and may remain without one for this first few days. But I've spoken to several prospects and hope to spend Wednesday evening interviewing/auditioning and getting this last piece of the puzzle in place.

I should be freaked out. But I've got a great deal of confidence in the cast we've got. And as omens go, this whole experience rhymes with a production of The Lion in Winter I did with Jim Ostrander at GCT many years ago. We had a Richard, then we lost our Richard, then we didn't have a Richard, then -- after some period of Richardlesness--we found a much, much better Richard. It was worth dealing with a bit of terror on the front end. And I'd rather do that than cast the first available body that walks through the door. I think I've got some good prospects. But am still open to suggestions if you have any.

Lysistrata, Room Service, and an unanticipated student production of Shakespeare's R&J have sucked many of the Y chromosomes out of the greater metro area.


Randal Cooper said...

I caught Tripp Hurst in Under Sheldon Leonard, er, Shelton Laurel last night, and he looks the part and has an adequate résumé. I've not worked with him, but he's probably worth consideration.

Randal Cooper said...

Also, possibly, Bob Arnold in a wig, which could be removed for a proper royal entrance.

Although frankly a hat seems more apropos.

Randal Cooper said...

Couple of quick links:

The Mary-Worth-as-Bergman-film can be found here.

The Google Calendar with the rehearsal schedule can be found here.

Chris, if you'll send me the email address you use for your Google accounts, I'll make sure you have the ability to edit the calendar--the email I sent for the Mary Worth thing last night bounced, so I'm thinking I have it wrong.