Sunday, February 17, 2008

Read through & Table Work Sunday, February 24

At 244 Looney Avenue, Uptown Memphis. The northwest corner of Looney & 5th.

Very excited!

6:30 pm.

Yes, there will be snacks and cold drinks.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

When's the best day for a read through?

I'd like to try to schedule a read through on either Sunday, February 24, or Monday February 25.

Rehersals will begin on Monday, March 3. Generally we will work on M, T, Th, Fr, and Sunday afternoons, with all Saturdays listed as TBAs that hopefully we won't ever have to use.

Ideally, I'll have a more detailed scene by scene breakdown or rehersals by Sunday, but maybe not until the read through.

My sincere sorries for not having more of this together sooner, but casting the final role has been a real bear, as has finding a designer, stage manager, etc. There's lots of exciting stuff sharing a time slot with the Underpants, and many of the people I'd have liked to work with already had previous engagements. But (fingers crossed) I think we're about to have a complete cast.

Thanksgiving through Valentine's day is a tough time for the working parents of five year old twin girls. Throw in a CD release for me, and three plays for the wife and... JEEBUS! But The neverending string of holidays is over, The Underpants is now getting underway, and moving closer to the top of my priority list. I'll try and be a little less flakey with every passing day.