Sunday, February 17, 2008

Read through & Table Work Sunday, February 24

At 244 Looney Avenue, Uptown Memphis. The northwest corner of Looney & 5th.

Very excited!

6:30 pm.

Yes, there will be snacks and cold drinks.


Randal Cooper said...

Need us to bring anything?

joe.ranager said...

What can I bring?
And do we have a cast list yet?

PeskyFly said...

Joe-- yes, we do. I thought that went around some time ago. (we've not had luck with stage managers, and I suck without one).

I think I can manage a pupu platter for all.

joe.ranager said...

it's just I haven't seen one. I was just wondering if I was really supposed to show up, since I haven't heard anything other than I think I'm a part of this show.